Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Distraction

Of course last weekend was the holiday, and this week was full of adventure. I got to ride a new airplane up to Chicago (new for the airline, not new to the world). It was full of employees, so the rules were a little relaxed. Everyone was taking pictures, and the cockpit door was open the whole flight. Really fun for that part of the flight. I had to make my own way home, so that was frustrating and all the normal fun of non-revenue travel.

I ordered a EZ430 Chronos about a week ago. I needed a watch anyway, but this was too good a deal on $25 for the whole kit. That showed up when I got home from my trip to Chicago. Been using it as a watch for the week, but last night I tried to get the development environment going. Well the laptop has shut me down again....

The CCSv4 needs to run in eclipse. Guess what, it didn't install again. I rolled back to helios from indigo, and that was no help. I am so frustrated with this laptop, probably vista, but who knows. I'll probably go ahead and load everything on the desktop, and it'll work.

I did load eagleCAD on the laptop while waiting for a flight in Chicago, and started getting the schematic drawn. Ran out of time, and still haven't finished that. Maybe I'll have some time next week.

Stay in touch.

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