Tuesday, April 23, 2013

EBay is Trustable

So much for that tablet. The one I ordered never showed up. The seller had pictures of the Blackberry Tablet on that auction, and when I sent questions to the seller, I got no response. After two weeks, I gave up, and filed a claim on ebay buyer protection program. After a week, they got me my money back.

So I started shopping again. Sunday there was a Galaxy Note 10.1 listed. The price was really good, not the same as the Galaxy Tab, but I thought what the heck. The Note is the tablet I really wanted, so I got it. It was a whole different experience. The seller contacted me after coming back from the post office telling me about their experience. It should show up tomorrow.

I've also started a new blog. The Flying and Technology blog will be more about education related to the technology and flying. Opinions will slip in, just like this blog.

I am not really keeping up on any building of this or any other projects. I've been fixing my pool, and working hard at my real job.

Life is good, lets  keep things that way

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