Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I moved

I know, this blog seemed to go inactive for the past few months. I've been busy, but not specifically working on the engine monitor, but making it easier to work on it. I have a house where my family and I are all together, and it is near the airport, so I can get out to the plane to work on things when I get time. Of course setting up a house can take time, so that is what happened.

I've also upgraded phones. Still Android, I have the OnePlus that I got before they opened up buying to everyone. It seems to be a very nice phone, but I've had it less than a week, so I can't judge things too much. I tried to buy a Note4, but that process was fraught with challenges (some of it moving, some of it carrier store issues). I figure this phone ought to keep me happy for at least a year, and then I can look at the 64bit phones and see what they are like, or if I want one.

The convergence in the phones is really about to the limit. Right now the main features are battery life, camera and display. The displays are all about 1080p-450dpi. (yea, I know a comodore 64 could have 300dpi on a 1 inch screen).  Yes Apple came up with "retna" as the benchmark, but it is all about what you can see and are you happy. Heck I don't really watch movies on my phone, I use the tablet to do that, so do I need 450dpi, probably not. I'd rather have longer battery life on the phone, and a good display on a tablet.

My app has about 200 downloads. I'd say users, but even I am not using it very much right now. I don't know if anyone is using it, I am not seeing any crash reports or anything. I know the code is very robust, but I would think if people were using it, they would get in some state where it would crash once in a while.

The other thing I am working on is expanding the audience of this blog. It is fun writing, I just wish someone would let me know they like my opinions or not. So far I am getting nothing, but I will hopefully add to that. I'll let you know how when things are more firm. Just let me say that there is some traditional media working.

That is probably it for now. Feedback is more than welcome, help me serve you.

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