Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frustration Part 1.

I'll call this part 1, since I'll have plenty of frustration. Something won't go as expected, and I'll have to do some extra work, or wait on something. I ordered the bluetooth shield from someone in the US thinking I'd get it quicker with lots of ready to go documentation. Turns out, they source it from China, and it takes the same couple weeks as if I ordered it from ebay. They do have docs on line, so that is pretty good.

Time is another factor. With work and family stuff, I just am not getting to work on this too much. I know I need to order the amplifier chips, some of the other discretes and maybe a proto board. I mostly want to have the full design done, so I don't waste time with some small orders, and filler parts that I don't need. I am sure it'll happen eventually, but I don't want to start off that way.

I'll have to pick up some thermocouples and maybe oil pressure/temp sensors and play with them. I was thinking putting 'em on my car would be a good test. At least it would give me a benchmark, and let me know if I am in the ball park with the software/GUI and all.

I am just kind of excited about getting some data from the arduino to the phone, then I can feel like I am moving forward.

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