Sunday, April 17, 2011

Link Page

While I was building my airplane, I had a link page, a place where I  would always go and check stuff. If I was looking for something for the plane, I'd try ebay, needing info about a radio, one of the radio retail sites, or the manufacturer. It was tough sometimes, since links change all the time, but here goes. I may build another one later, or just keep editing this one.

Airplane Parts
  • - Wow,  need I say more, cheap ads, super deals.
  • - The old standby, not printed on yellow paper anymore, but same feeling.
  • ebay motors - Ebay, but the better place to start looking for airplane bits.

Arduino Links
  • The main page - software, schematics, and everything else.
  • Amarino - Android meets arduino, lots of hints and tricks.

Android Links

Book Stores (cause I don't do that one big book seller)
  • - since ebay bought 'em it isn't as fun, but still cheap.
  • A1 books - similar deals as, but alas, bankruptcy caught 'em.
  • Bookmooch - free books? You betcha! well, exchange 'em.
  • Bookins - more free books? how can borders stay in business (oh, never mind).

I've pretty much decided I don't have all the links I need. Should I do electronics retailers? Aircraft parts catalogs? you  tell me. Plenty of room in the comments part. Hey, if you think your link belongs here, I'd love to hear about it also.

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