Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simple Round Gauge

So for grins, I started a simple round gauge for the thing. It has variable radius, and location. I can instantiate multiple of them, and I can override it to make it a different shape or something. The beauty of and object oriented language. Actually I should design this better, make an interface, and multiple implementations. Graphs can be fun, and round gauges come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Some round gauges are 135 degrees and start at the bottom (speedometer or tachometer are examples), others the left and still others the right. Some round gauges are only 90 degrees and start left or right (fuel gauges are like that). Implementing multiple of these could be quick and simple, and useful.

Hey how about that, I was able to upload a picture. The have to be not much bigger than this to work. Sorry.

On the right is my Arduino stack, the main board is on the bottom, then a prototyping shield with my home made pass through connectors, and then the top board is the bluetooth board.

Looking on the screen (maybe it is too small), in the upper left, you can see a round gauge. Yes, that is displaying the temperature right now in the room I am in! That transistor thing sticking up on the prototype shield is the LM34 sensor. The USB connector on the Arduino is only there to power the board. I am not doing anything tricky.

Now we are cooking, more sensors, more graphs, and we are on our way. I'll try to keep things documented. So far I haven't veered too far from the original sensor graph code, but it is what it is. You could probably get where I am using these notes and and getting the original sensor graph code.

Good Luck.

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