Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thinking and Planning

After last night, I almost didn't go to bed. I was pretty excited. Almost a year of frustrations and now it is showing progress. Cool, well sorta. I still have a bit to do. The sensor graph just barely shows what is possible.

The pictures never showed up, I'll take another crack at it here:

(I don't get it.. I've uploaded them before?)

I was thinking of being really creative with OpenGL gauges, I could make 'em look just like the analog gauges in the plane, with 3d moving needles and all. Of course what would be the point, I already have that, and they work. No, I want something better. I was thinking the non-linear guages (the ones that show a lot of detail around the normal range and less detail out of normal. And again I can get all fancy, with moving needles and such. I think for now though, I'll try something simple, get that working, and comeback and make it pretty.

I need to maintain the MVC (model view controller) pattern. The phone or tablet screen is the view/controller and the Arduino is the model. All the data comes from the Arduino, the screen will allow some control from the screen, if I move toward a FADEC system. For now, this will be monitor only. (it has all that potential! I should use it ;-).

I need to dig into the whole GUI part, and understand what Android can and can't do graphically. I need to get more hardware hooked up.

More when I get there.

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