Tuesday, January 22, 2013

more stm discovery f3 links

STM has a repository of sample code for the discovery board. I need that for finding out how to make calls. I am more of a monkey see, monkey do kind of programmer. I'll use the manual if I have a question about a call, or can't find and example. I find it faster to find some code that mostly does what I need, and adapt it (reuse!). Most of the ST site is full of javascript pop ups that probably work on other browsers, but on Mandriva running Linux, the popups get lost, and make navigation complex (probably windows would be similar, but I am not going to try to find out. The manual is a PDF file, which is fine, I can download that and have a copy any time I need it. Some of the confusion too is all the devices that you can get data for.

The example code includes code for the on chip peripherals, not so much for the off chip items like the accelerometer, compass and gyro. I'll still have to dig for that.

Then of course, yesterday hack-a-day had a template for setting up discovery board projeccts.  I'll have to look at it now, since I have a link to it. He has something similar to code bench but for gcc-arm-embedded toolchain. That is good. I should be able to follow some of that work and get some ideas.

On my facebook post, I suggested I was building an autopilot. This can be the hub of various peripherals, including the autopilot. Unless one gets a direct route, the heading might not matter, but the IMU should allow guidance point to point, as good or better than the GPS. 

News on the JXD S5110 front...

My son has tuned in to the whole retro gaming with game pad buttons. He is probably playing the game as much, or more than he was before (that is good and bad). I spent some time with it also, when he wasn't around. The OTG port was just sitting there, and I finally got around to plugging a mouse into the port. It worked! so if he gets bored with the retro games, he can plug a mouse into it, and use it like a touch screen. The usability is going up! I won't show him the HDMI port, or he'll probably want to play all his games on the big screen.

More people are following, so tell your friends!

good luck

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