Friday, January 25, 2013


Last night, I tried to get the STM examples working using the Mentor CodeBench. It didn't work, or wasn't straightforward. I had make files pointing every direction, and finally got it to compile. It never linked, too many h files that didn't have matching libraries.

I want to re-do the whole example directory. I think I can, and still make it work. The CodeBench doesn't have discovery f3 header files, so the the 8 leds aren't quite mapped out. I may be able to copy one of the header files from the STM examples to the STM directory, and make it all work.

This guy recommends building my own linker script. I am thinking that would be a good idea. Maybe that will be the trick.

I've worked with BSP's before, but they were the whole tool chain for the board by the manufacturer. I wish people would give up on proprietary compilers and such. Unless they are building code that is orders of magnitude more efficient, there is no point. Just build for GCC and we all will be better off.

The CodeBench manual link

I went to a seminar on building presentations. It had a bunch of good ideas. I am going to try to engage all the readers to be more active in my project using those techniques. Prepare to be engaged!

Another Rant
I don't know what is going on. TimeWarner cable said they upgraded my speed over Christmas. Well, maybe, but it seems everything I do on this laptop is as slow as molasses! It used to be faster, and sometimes I can download movies well (ooo, if you haven't seen Speed and Angels, Hulu has it on their basic service for free. It is a pre-quel to top gun)

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