Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amazing things happen in 24 Hours

My bluetooth card showed up a couple hours after I wrote the last post. Wow! that cars is smaller than I imagined!

So where to start. Well, the documentation leaves something to be desired. Seed has a Wiki page that has some pointers, including the pinouts of the card. It seems to be quite capable. But, so far I can't get it to work. I don't know if I need to connect more than power and Rx/Tx? It appears it needs to run on 3.3V, and my ArduinoMega has a 3.3V pin, so that seems right. Lots of grounds on the board, so that seems good. I connected reset, but this page made it seem like I didn't need to, so I disconnected it. Back in the day, We used to connect pins 6, 8, and 20 in the DB-25 connectors to get around hardware handshaking, so I connected RTS and CTS, but nothing.

I also had some issues with libraries and installing them. The Zip files come with a sub directory, so I'd install a new library in libraries/foo/foo/ well the apps wouldn't compile. I got pretty frustrated, but moving the libraries up to the proper place (IE libraries/foo) the code would compile.

How about this;, there is a schematic and everything! It is a little confusing, their schematic has a level converter (RS-232) but the pinout shows TTL level. Hmmm... 

I also found this card, for $19 I should buy it, since it'll get me prototyping area too. There seem to be many Arduino to Bluetooth solutions available.

I've got some other things to do, I'll get back to this.

I'll see when I  can get back to this.

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